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Susan is dedicated to creating the right environment for individuals and organizations to expand and focus on developing and sustaining change.

Creator & Educator | Equity & Belonging Workshops 

Susan’s workshops are designed and curated to work together to support each client's unique needs, circumstances, and dialogue about the world today. 

Coach | Leaders, Teams & Individual Contributors 

We don’t meet people starting from zero! Susan works with you to build awareness, practice self-compassion, and challenge individual biases so you can be mindful of your actions and decisions toward others. 

Advisor | Talent Acquisition Leaders & Teams: DEI Sourcing, Recruiting, & Retention

Been there, seen it, done it. What’s “it?” Barriers. Let’s pause the hiring requisition and discuss what your organization is doing to ensure equitable hiring practices. Representation matters.

Leadership & Career Development | Women of Color: Navigating Systems, Pathways, & Networks

Performing above and beyond the norm is exhausting. As you climb the career ladder or hang your shingle, perceptions about your competence are braided tight in stereotypes. Susan will share strategies from lived experiences on surviving, succeeding in complex spaces, and remaining true to yourself!

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